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Recent content by Dean Lighty

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    Drone license

    Yesterday I was told off a friend that I now need a license to fly my Tello. I was still under the impression that with it being under a certain weight I was ok for now. Can anyone please shed some light on this for me? Apparently my friend says the Air Navigation Order 2016 was amended in 2020...
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    Tello is a Wind Beast

    I made this mistake once. Never again. Always learning Sent from my moto g(7) plus using Tapatalk
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    Tello software mod, flying higher than 30m, question

    Why would you want to with such a small and light drone? The higher you get the more the wind increases. In my opinion it would be a complete waste of time. Invest in something else if you want to do that mate. Just my thought Sent from my moto g(7) plus using Tapatalk
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    I don't suppose anyone has got a list of error codes for the Tello and their meanings? Thanx in advance everyone
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    Bugger ?
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    Error-51 anyone? Tello wouldn't connect to WiFi repeater today. When I finally got it t connect (god knows how) it flashes up Error-51 then disconnects. Any info on this?
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    Pano 360°

    Brilliant cheers mate thanx for the help there. Will give that a go
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    Pano 360°

    Thanx. No I haven't. Havent seen that. Will have another look
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    Pano 360°

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    Tello stand printed by my mate ?

    Ah cool. Quite chuffed someone thinks it's a nice little idea. Would you post a picture on here of it? Would love to see when it's done
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    Tello stand printed by my mate ?

    It rests on a neat little shelf. Just a novelty thing but think it looks good and nice all the same
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    Struggling forward movement

    What is EIS? Thanx for the info. However it is no where near that speed. So very slow like a slight crawl.
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    Struggling forward movement

    Hi everyone. I really hope someone can help. After a crash the other day my Tello really does struggle with any forward movement in normal mode. Until I put it in to fast mode. When I take off it works ok in normal mode for about 10 seconds then doesn't seem tilt to move forward after that...
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    Tello is everything

    A A gust of wind blew my Tello in to a huge bramble bush. In a panic I threw bed sheets over, trampled and layed on them to try and reach it as it was falling ☹️ Managed to get it with a scratched face, arms and hands. Worth it ?