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Recent content by FlandersNed

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    It is possible to use a wifi relay to connect multiple drones to the same network, allowing for simultaneous drone control on one device (not individual control, mind) However, I haven't seen anyone use 10 seperate devices to control 10 separate drones, or anything close to that number, within...
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    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    Maybe you could have an 'IMU Calibration' button that just opens the Tello app :LOL:
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    New app: TelloFPV for Android

    Does this app support calibration of the IMU/CoG?
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    DJITelloPy: A new python wrapper for Tello

    Are you able to dump the video to a file?
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    Unofficial Standalone Golang Tello Package Released

    Not sure if this is just my drone, but running either this or TelloTerm leads to a rapid increase in temperature recorded by the drone. It goes from 35 degrees to 65 degrees in about 2 minutes; it actually shuts off soon after this due to the excessive temp.
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    Always Shutting down Tello apps during flight

    I heard a temporary fix was to disable location services on iOS when using the app...
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    Has anyone decoded the log headers/messages from the Tello?

    I'm not sure there are many other commercially-sold drones that have the API exposed to the same extent as the Tello; maybe the Parrot AR 2.0. The only other ones I know with autopilot and the like are the custom-made ones where everything is coded from the ground-up.
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    Drone Programmibg Language

    Check the Tello Development board. There have been a few user projects that support Python, C++, Go, etc.
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    Unofficial Standalone Golang Tello Package Released

    Sorry for the extremely late reply, but yes - this was using the 0.9.0 package.
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    Programming on Chromebook

    Try this: Guide on how to install Node.js and NPM on a Chromebook
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    Accurate Tello position data

    Just to add some of my own research; I've been using @SMerrony 's autopilot for this. I got the drone to output its x, y and yaw in a custom version of autopilot_test.go once it reaches certain points, by doing this: currentYaw := drone.fd.IMU.Yaw currentX := drone.fd.MVO.PositionX...
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    Unofficial Standalone Golang Tello Package Released

    @SMerrony Code is here: // autopilot_test.go // Copyright (C) 2018 Steve Merrony and then FlandersNed // Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy // of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal // in the Software without...
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    Unofficial Standalone Golang Tello Package Released

    I'm curious into how the MVO flags are verified. I've been using the autopilot function for a bit now, and it seems that it is never consistent about where it is; sometimes, it will move continuously in an unspecified direction until it hits a wall, or it incur a large amount of drift from its...
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    Unofficial Standalone Golang Tello Package Released

    A bit late, but just to inform others, I set mplayer to dump the .h264 stream as a .mp4. I then separately started another mplayer instance that played the video file in parallel. It has inherit lag because of the gap between saving the video and viewing it, but it works.
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    Center of gravity calibration

    There's an option to re-calibrate the IMU within the Tello app. Additionally, there's an option to calibrate the Centre of Gravity position (which you have to do in-flight).