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Recent content by HarryBlueJay

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    Tello Drone keeps responding with FAIL when Taking Off.

    have you checked your battery % before trying to launch?
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    My tello drone hurt me

    (1st flight) so I was flying my tello drone and then it was going to the hall with no input also the app gave me a warning: idk what it said but something about not knowing where is was (on 2nd flight) on the 1st flight I was able to land my drone also here's why it happened so this was a side...
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    so I have just started flying it again after all those issues but I've been able to start flying it here are some pics:
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    New Tello Pilot questions

    when I started to move up when the tello drone was on my laptop case (with stickers on it) I got the insufficient lighting warning.
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    QUESTION: How crash resistant is the DJI Tello? Share your stories!

    this happened in 2020 and 2021 I was trying to fly it and it kept on drifting and the motors got stuck on a blind of the living room window but it still works. another time that it happened was just self caused so the drone was drifting toward the reef so I put my finger at the propellers...