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My tello drone hurt me


Mar 20, 2021
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(1st flight) so I was flying my tello drone and then it was going to the hall with no input also the app gave me a warning: idk what it said but something about not knowing where is was (on 2nd flight) on the 1st flight I was able to land my drone also here's why it happened so this was a side effect of when I put my finger in one of the propellers so it ended up moving up a bit (didn't notice that) and that's how it started on those flights on the second flight it went up and up until it got stuck IT MOVED SO FAST (the propeller) the propeller was thrown at my cheek and the propeller was on the floor closest to the hallway and the drone got pinned at the wall it got moved to have the tello logo facing towards the closet and the propellers stopped moving and the battery came out (the drone and battery is ok) just the one propeller wasn't there on the drone so here is a pic of the battery and the drone: IMG_0337.jpg yes I am ok now but the propeller hitting my cheek but that hurt a bit. The one propeller broke
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