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Recent content by Hydrostan

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    Bird watch & aqwifer on the beach

    Where is this at?
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    Android phones that work with Tello

    I mostly use my old MotoZ play, but my Samsung S10+ also works with the Tello
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    Is this the little tellos end?

    Wow, you folks had that kind of weather today and in our part of Oregon it was 86° !!
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    Tello flying height

    Hmmm, I use the wifi extender and easily get 30 meters. Did you check your settings??
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    Something old something new.

    How many times did it get hung up....or did it at all?
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    Tello FPV won't connect

    I rarely open the Tello App, but if I do I get the same message when I bring up the TelloFPV app. I have to "close all applications" on my cellphone and then I don't get the message and the TelloFPV app works fine.
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    OTG cable for Gamesir T1s

    Here is the one I use with my Android phone: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0744BKDRD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Controller stopped working

    Thanks for all for the suggestions on correcting this problem. It was interesting to see the 2 keypad LEDs on in the photo of the controller. When I first got the T1s functioning, I had both the Android and mouse simulation LEDS on, and the controller worked okay with the drone. After awhile I...
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    Controller stopped working

    You are correct. I did a lot of searching on the web and "sort of" got it working. I say sort of as different lights come on now then before, but at least I can fly my tello again with that controller. I could boot myself in the rear for not returning the controller after I purchased it as it...
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    Controller stopped working

    I use a Gamesir T1s and Tello FPV. Up to today I would plug in my OTG cable, the 'A' for Android light would come on steady, and I was in business. Now, all the "mode indicator" lights flash on and off and I have no connection. I tried connecting with the Tello App and it will only connect via...
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    Newbie from Ireland requesting help

    I also struggled with it at first. I suggest flying it in C mode which is much easier to control with the reduced speed. I use the TelloFPV app which is great.
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    Neat Terry! Looks like you are using an ipad? Probably will work better than a phone as It shouldn't go to sleep while connected to the app.
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    Tello hack - no need for powerbank with using Xiaomi Extender

    Okay sorry, I thought you were using a controller. With just your phone to pilot the Tello I agree your method is the way to go.
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    Tello hack - no need for powerbank with using Xiaomi Extender

    If you are plugging in the repeater to your phone, you only have Bluetooth as an option. I use an OTG cable that connects the controller to the phone.
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    Tello hack - no need for powerbank with using Xiaomi Extender

    Now you would have to do Bluetooth, no? I use and OTG cable which of course plugs into the phone. Not all portable power packs are large.