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Recent content by Louis08

  1. Louis08

    Tello LED lights add-on

    yes, the charging port is able to deliver power as well see e.g. here: Output Volts from the USB port
  2. Louis08

    Mavic mini

    Well, DJI's list is not exhaustive at all. Just not seeing a device there only means DJI has not yet fully tested it - it might work nonetheless. One important requirement is missing though: your phone must have a 64bit OS, the app apparently does not run on 32bit. I was able to successfully...
  3. Louis08

    Over the "cliff"- against all odds

    Tello's height sensor is a barometric one (IIRC), it only measures a height above takeoff point. How high that takeoff point is above solid ground does not matter for the max height.
  4. Louis08

    App Updates

    All apps on your phone are updated the same way, following your settings. Default is automatic update whenever the original developer releases an upadate - no explicit action needed from you.
  5. Louis08

    App Updates

    Let's agree to slightly disagree on the approach and stick to the original topic - which in our common opinion seems to be solved anyway.
  6. Louis08

    App Updates

    No and possibly yes. Nope. This is your interpretation of the original post. IMHO it would have been quite nice (and most easy) if the OP had already included the real question. ;) Maybe the OP eventually comes back one day and tells us which answer he expected - and yet the three of us have...
  7. Louis08

    Tello allowed in the woods?

    start reading here: Drones
  8. Louis08

    My headlights/turn signals are hella clean!

    You don't need an external LiPo, you can suck power directly from Tello's USB port (albeit this implies using some kind of slim USB connector which might still look ugly).... Just make sure your LEDs are ready to handle 5V, add appropriate resistors if necessary (LED calculator for single LEDs)
  9. Louis08

    Tello Firmware refuses to download

    Just checked mine - was reported as the latest version available, it didn't even attempt to download anything.
  10. Louis08

    Tello S.O.S

    Weight concerns aside: What is the purpose of such mirror? And what have you attached underneath?
  11. Louis08

    Multiple tello working in same place

    Have you had a look at the Tello manual already? IIRC it pretty clearly states that Tello is controlled via WiFi (otherwise you wouldn't be able to fly more than a few meters....) Unless you connect a BT controller to the phone you can (and should) run the phone in flight mode (only WiFi...
  12. Louis08

    WiFi Bluetooth Interferences

    Probably not before someone is willing to hire an iOS developer and the original Android dev to start working on this.... Anyway, lets stay on topic - there's other threads to discuss TelloFPV development.
  13. Louis08

    Tello Altitude Sensor & Max Altitude Limit is a Major Flaw!?

    Looks like TelloFPV to me... (only available for Android, no iOS version planned)
  14. Louis08

    Hawkeye Firefly Micro Cam 2

    Someone empirically tested max load capacities of Tello in this thread: Maximum weight a Tello can carry Quick results:
  15. Louis08

    WiFi Bluetooth Interferences

    Where are you flying? The interference does not necessarily have to come from your own devices (even though iphones can show some strange behaviour)....