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Recent content by Mymgb

  1. Mymgb

    New To Drones

    Thanks,memory is the second to go when you get old. Where is the T1S sold at best price? Cheers....
  2. Mymgb

    New To Drones

    Where to get T1S and what is the difference between T1d? What does OTG stand for? Forgotten from a year or so back? Thanks
  3. Mymgb

    Anything New

    So, I assume that this Tello FPV isn’t on Apple. What is the current app in Apple to normally fly? I have on my phone the following: T1d,Tals and Tello
  4. Mymgb

    Anything New

    I bought the Tello when it first launched. Have there been any upgrades of software or hardware? I remember it to be a fun little drone and I have the Gamestar controller but.... I haven’t flown or kept up due to medical difficulties
  5. Mymgb

    Problems with the take off

    If you look closely at the top of the props they are marked for direction
  6. Mymgb

    flying experience

    Have fun but fly safe. The Tello is an amazing piece of technology and be hours of fun
  7. Mymgb

    My first photo and video shots. ==>Archery area

    Very nice,creative videoing
  8. Mymgb

    Tropea, Italy

    Outstanding,great pics
  9. Mymgb

    Tello Original Video From My Village

    Couple of comments: 1. Keep it short if you are filming farm lands- keep people interested. 2. Your comment was this was your village so let people know where your village Is located and feature some pictures of your village. Looks like you had a partial cloudy or sunny day. You made the...
  10. Mymgb

    Of all the Microdrones, is the Tello the besr bang for the buck?

    Absolutely, for $99 not only flying but the photography. Expect firmware updates. Only downside to me is that it must not have winds- must be calm winds
  11. Mymgb

    Hello, from Belgium.

    Great little drone,have great fun with it.
  12. Mymgb

    Couple from today

    I know you you are proud of both bike and video
  13. Mymgb

    First outdoor picture!

    Wow, you are off to a good start,keep it up!
  14. Mymgb

    Smart Bracelet / Smart watch interfere with Tello's video quality?

    I have had no problem with Apple watch