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    Found a DJI Spark used for $150... Should I sell my Tello and get it?

    You didn't mention a controller for the Spark. You will need one to get the potential out of what the Spark can do.
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    Xiaomi Mi Wifi Range Extender | Full Setup Tutorial

    Remember that once you set up the Mi extender, it works perfectly, every time. You just plug it into a battery power pack, set it nearby, perferable up on something, a bench, a ledge, the hood of your vehicle, and you will have much further range with your Tello. With the new Tello FPV app...
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    Xiaomi Mi Wifi Range Extender | Full Setup Tutorial

    It is maddening. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Been there, done that. It was one of the most frustrating things I've ever gone thru when I did mine. I will attach my notes, which got me thru it. It includes notes from me and from others I copied who had tips that were useful...
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    Do many of you have a Tello along with a larger drone?

    My previous comment in this thread was 15 months ago and I still have praise for the mighty Tello. It is so durable. I think it could fall from the sky and survive with minimal damage and fly again. I also have a Mavic Pro Platinum and a Spark but the Tello has its own place, still a pleasure...
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    Brand new DJI lost after one day from purchase.

    I really hope you find the Tello. It is hardy and some have found them weeks later, cleaned them up and they've flown again. Remember that it is gone because of the last minute risk you took, flying it in dark over a house where it would lose signal due to the obstacle, the house. The sensors...
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    New Firmware for Tello (

    leonav, surely you realize that the TelloFPV is NOT a product of Ryze. It is an app sold on the open market via the Play Store make by a 3rd party. So a Ryze update could not be for that app.
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    WIFI+S Range Extender vs Xiami WIFI Repeater and Tello Channel choice

    I am pleased with the Mi. Compared with my other drones more range with the Tello is too risky. It is so easy to lose the further the line of sight is. The Mi just sets up to fly so easily each time. I also think we're likely getting close to a new Tello or maybe finally a suitable competitor...
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    do videos or photos disappeat if power off tello?

    With my Android phone the photos and videos save directly to my Gallery in a new folder called Tello, not in the app. I've never had an issue where they weren't there. They come to it as they are taken in real time, as long as the signal is good. You should be able to turn off the Tello as...
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    Tello FPV app

    If you buy the app can you use it, download it, to more than one phone????
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    Discussion - Tello's Value Proposition in 2019

    It has been listed often lately for only $79. I still like my Tello. It is light, easy to launch for a quick photo and still fun.
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    Tello becomes a bad actor ....

    There is no telling what future models will do. Just imagine the things drones could do with only updated firmware. Of course, the companies will prefer we go buy new units to get to those new features.
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    Tello becomes a bad actor ....

    So sorry your topic of why it flew straight up got off track. You've been given a couple of things to check, like the sensors under it. Could there be dirt or something covering them? Another thing is the controller. Does this particular drone use the same controller every time? Could there...
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    I'm being a little facetious but, for most of us, the way you make money is to buy into a mutual fund with the money you'd spend on a drone. Perhaps for a professional photographer who can pay for the gas on those trips to his jobs already the drone would be another tool in his arsenal to use...
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    The Bluetooth controller GameSir T1d & Ryze Tello

    I'm not a fan of iOS. I've used several Android phones both with and without the extender. I've had no issues at all. I often use the phone only, too, for a quick launch.
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    Tello WIFI channel selection

    The phone app connects to the controller via Bluetooth. The controller connects to the drone via WiFi but I assume it goes thru the extender first when it is on and THEN to the drone. So there is WiFi from the phone to the extender and WiFi from the extender to the drone, but all on one and the...