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3d printed adapter for top down shots


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Jun 8, 2018
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Apologies if this has been done elsewhere, I couldn't find any threads dedicated to it. So I got a 3d printed bracket for a mirror to try to get some top down shots. Haven't tried in decent light (it's very much dusk here) yet but could be interesting. 3d files available via thingyverse and the mirror was a cheap plastic mirror from eBay that was about 2mm thick. Think all in all cost £11. Hopefully it's worth it, so far I'm not sure. The camera seems to have a hard time focusing despite being essentially a pin hole. Perhaps the mirror is junk. Certainly no good for video (the stabilisation goes nuts with this on) but hopefully will give some stills. 3D file attached if you want to try it out too, not my work by the way.


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Cool! PS cut the mirror a little bigger than 19mm to make sure you don't waste part of the sensors frame. I had to take a 19x19mm mirror off (hairy stuff on something so small) to put a bigger one on. Let me know how you get on!
Yes I thought so too.
Its a shame that this mod is not that often to see on youtube. I think its the best mod I have seen so far, because its possible to use on other drones too.
Has anyone ever thought of using a mirror from a dslr camera for this? That would have to be a perfect mirror. Wouldn't it?
Hm okey, one would have to try it Probaly. Where Do you get a good mirror that is light? Im not shure about thous foil mirrors.
Hm okey, one would have to try it Probaly. Where Do you get a good mirror that is light? Im not shure about thous foil mirrors.

Hard Drive platters. Find a old HDD, open it, and take out the platters. They are metal, polished to a glass like surface and with ZERO distortion. Cut it to size with a Dremmel or similar.
That sounds interesting. I have to see, if i find one of these somewehre.

I ordered one of thiese 3d printed mirror holders with a small acrly mirror. But the mirror is not good at all. of course, you can see something, but the quality of the fotos is usless.

I ordered one of thiese glasses in the mean time. I have no Idee, how heavy thos prisms are, I will report, if I tested it out. (might take a while, I ordered from china)


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