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Any methods for tello swarm that won‘t got too much delay between drones and other drones


Mar 10, 2023
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Is there any methods for tello swarm that won‘t got too much delay between drones and other drones?
Model: robomaster TT
Amount of drone: 5
Performance duration: 3-5 mins
I have try the sdk2.0 using notepad to edit the python programming but the delay between drones and other drones are so large
Your question is too generic and leaves us too much speculating. If you want to program formations, I recommend to do some in-depth reading of RoboMaster TT - MindPlus wiki and GitHub - TelloSDK/Multi-Tello-Formation: A Sample Code that implements the formation function of multiple tellos
You also should check the SDK 3.0 documentation which is supported by Tello EDU and Tello Talent if you updated them to the latest firmware.

Regarding delays:
There are commands that require that you wait for an "OK" acknowledgement from Tello and other commands that can be sent continously without waiting for an acknowledgement (like the "rc" command). If you want to send a command that requires an acknowledgement to multiple Tellos, you can send the command to all Tellos first without delay and then collect the acknowledgements coming back until you got all of them (or until a timeout occcured).

This means, the Tellos get the commands with almost no delay and carry them out almost synchronously. In my signature, you find a link to an example.
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I did not use the TT expansions, so I can not tell you what happens when you connect through them. Perhaps is has something to do with this (answered in the Q&A section):

Why there is a big delay when doing the actions in team mode?​
In team mode, please use the dedicated router and make sure all drones and your computer are accessed to the router 5.8G WiFi instead of 2.4G WiFi (If your router has channel setting function, you can set 5G channel to 149).​

...and please do not post your question multiple times here accross this forum!

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