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App freezes when video recording is stopped


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Nov 3, 2018
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I'm a new Tello user, facing app freezing issue.
All works well when I start video recording during a flight, but when I stop it, the app completely freezes and I cannot even control the drone. I waited for at least half minute, but nothing happened.
The only thing that helps is closing and restarting the app - however the recorded session is not saved, I loose it.
IOS 12
App version: 1.1.14

Thanks for your help.
Hi, not sure if you have already found the solution,but here it is, turn on airplane mode,and turn off location services. That’s what did it for me... good luck
INETFLASH posted a solution to this issue. THANKS.
Airplane mode and Location services off did not work for me. using Iphone 8+ with Nimbus controller. Recording still causes APPS to crash.
I reset everything (pressing power ON and hold for more than 10secs) and use the default WIFI "TELLO-XXXXX". This seems to fix the problem of APP crashing during recording.
I added Wifi Password and still OK.
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I’m glad you found the solution, I’m using the iPhone 8+ as well but with no controller and that’s what worked for me,
I was pretty choked, what’s the sense of having a camera if you can’t record ?,
Right on, happy droning
I was facing the same issue with iPhone 8 Plus. I just needed to update the Firmware version. Goto Settings -> More -> the "..." button -> Firmware Version and press the blue "Update" button. Now I am able to record videos.
There is both an update for the drone and an update for the IOS app available now. Be sure you have the newest versions...

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