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Change the Y axis


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Nov 28, 2018
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I'm new here, and after some research its clear that the Tello App, and the Gamesir Controller have no ability to change the Y axis. Programmatically, can it be done?
On everything I fly, pulling back on the "stick" increases altitude, pushing forward, decreases altitude. So pushing the stick forward is counter to everything I fly and how all my other drones are configured. I bought the Tello because I want to sit in my house, and fly around so I can work on my muscle memory as a professional drone pilot. Such a small thing...I can't believe we can't already do this. Ideas?
You can do this only if You root Your phone. Once Your phone is rooted, you can remap all buttons and axis with this file:


Please replece XXXX with your gamepad's VID and PID. You can use Gamepad Tester app to verify your configuration.

From what your wrote, I think your gamepad have two analog sticks with total 4 axis: X, Y, Z and RZ, but your phone thinks there is RY axis and there is a problem.

Keylayout file would end with something like this:

axis 0x00 X
axis 0x01 Y
axis 0x03 Z
axis 0x05 RZ
axis 0x10 HAT_X
axis 0x11 HAT_Y

(You have to find and replace actual numbers for Your gamepad with tester app). Try experimenting with this app - observe red dots if they corresponds with stick movement directions)
Cool! I have to try that! Thanks for much for the response!
Actually there are no problems with the Gamepad (Gamesir t1d) I just can't fly this little drone like I fly my others.
I doubt this will work. The Gamesir is not like other controllers. Normal gamepad testers don't recognize this little beast.
If it did work for you let me know...
On the Tello app Menu under "Aircraft Settings" you have a choice of "Mode 1" and "Mode 2". This is covered in the User Manual pages 17-19: this refers to the app's Virtual Sticks, but it may apply to the GameSir t1d controller as well. Whatever, I'm not sure if it switches the way you want, or just between the left and right sticks. Try it.
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I think he is not asking for mode 1 or 2. He wants to invers the throttle: Stick forward is down, stick back is up. Like the elevator stick in a plane.

With gamesir controllers being such a strange animal I highly doubt any normal mapping apps work.
Check out TelloFPV, available for test download here in the forum:
New app: TelloFPV

It can do exactly what you ask for (reverse stick input), and much more, like expo, rate and deadzone configuration for each stick axis, each controller, and that in dual rate.


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