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DIY Wooden Case for the Ryze Tello

Ricardo Penders

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Aug 7, 2021
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If you want to make a hard case for your Tello I have a great idea for you, I made such a case myself.

Here's a little Wooden Case that I made for my Ryze Tello Drone, the wood used for this case is bamboo and you can buy these
cases in stores where they sell tea from Pickwick with different flavors.

I just took everything out that I don't need and then I took the foam from an old couch,
cut the foam to make it fit into the wooden case and used glue to make it stick permanently,
after about 24 hours the glue was dry so it was ready to cut out the forms to fit all the parts
of the Ryze Tello Drone and all the things I need to take it with me and fly the drone.

Now I use this case to store the drone at home to keep everything together so I don't lose anything
and always have it ready to take with me and fly the drone.

It is a perfect case to keep the drone safe and it's not very big so it easily fits into a backpack and I don't have to worry that I damage the drone.

Below I have a couple pictures that I made to show you how it looks and I also made a short video for you to watch.

Ryze Tello Wooden Case (1).jpg Ryze Tello Wooden Case (2).jpg

Ryze Tello Wooden Case (3).jpg Ryze Tello Wooden Case (4).jpg Ryze Tello Wooden Case (5).jpg
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