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Fixing the MicroUSB charging port on the Tello


Feb 13, 2022
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If you were like me, you accidentally left your MicroUSB charger in your Tello in an awkward position, which led to the MicroUSB port inside the Tello only working when you push on it after that.
I had this issue for a few months, then I found a fix.

For the record, this is a really stupid fix for a problem caused by really stupid care of your Tello. Do it at your own risk.

The thing I messed up on my MicroUSB port was the little part in the middle:
That part got bent and stuck to the top of the port, making it a real pain to charge the Tello as I had to push on the wire. My solution to this was the following:
  1. Unscrew the blade of a normal-sized pencil sharpener (make sure not to cut yourself while handling it, it is a little sharp!)
  2. Remove the battery from your Tello
  3. Take the sharp side of the blade, and push it in near the top at an angle
  4. Then try to move it so that it sticks out of the Tello horizontally, while it still pushes the port thing back down
  5. Leave it in there for a few hours (I put mine in for 5, do 6-12 for good measure)
  6. Take it out after said time
  7. Put the battery back into the Tello
  8. Your Tello should now charge normally rather than having a dodgy charger.
This method should work with every other MicroUSB damaged like this, but this helped me fix my Tello in particular.

As another reminder, this could definitely break your Tello port completely even if you do it right, so do it at your own risk.
Update: I got tired of doing this each time i wanted to charge my Tello properly so i just contacted tello support and am sending it out for proper repair.

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