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Game Vice advice?

Jul 23, 2018
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I have A Grandest controller which is designed just for the Tello.... I am aware that response is dangerously slow when making flight adjustments. I contracted the Ebay supplier and they offered me an £8 refund if I wanted to keep the controller and I took the offer. I assume the problem may be due to interference between the BT and WiFi connections? Any advice on how to overcome this please?
As far as I know, the Game Vice controller should work just fine
Believe the Gamevice controller connects directly to the phone's port which helps with latency.

That said, not exactly sure what you mean by "dangerously slow". The analog sticks are more like buttons that slide unlike the feel of joy/thumbsticks. What you might be noticing is input lag from the controller's sticks and buttons.

Depending on which app (eg TelloFPV) you're using, you can adjust the rate/expo/deadzone parameters for the controller's sticks for more or less responsiveness.

Short of that, put the phone in airplane mode to turn off Bluetooth/WiFi/cellular to mitigate possible interference.

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