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Gamesir T1D- anyone have one yet?


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Mar 19, 2018
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I ordered a Gamesir T1D, the place claimed they would have them in early May. Now they are pushing it back even further.
Anyone have one yet? Tried it?
Nope. Still on order from DJI. Was given a 10-15 working day delivery slot. Haven't checked to see if that's changed.
I got one and wouldn't recommend it. The bluetooth signal causes video interference. And the joystick can only be used with a Tello. It is not usable as a game joystick.
I have one. Works great with my Tello and better with a WiFi extender. Downloaded AltLimitTELLO and went 90’ high, on a calm day. Right above me. It will go far out horizontally also, maybe too far haha. I emailed Gamesir and they confirmed it’s only for the Tello. Which I think is ridiculous. On iPhone 8 Plus BTW. Gamesir’s response ??

Hi dear,​

Thank you for purchase at GameSir!
It's not usable as a standard bluetooth gaming controller ,And it can only be used with a Tello.

Best Regards,​
I was just reading about this AltLimitSetter and noticed it has AD's. Where exactly does it put the ads? Gosh, that's the last thing I want to see when trying to fly this thing!
The height limit is just a one off setting isn't it? It stays in place between reboots.
OK, I talked to the developer and there are no ads. He also confirmed the max height is 30m. You only have to run the app whenever there is a firmware update.

So I went ahead and tried it and it worked perfectly. I will say that once you get over 20m, the wind becomes increasingly a bigger problem for this little drone. Even with just a slight wind, all pictures were at a 10% to 15% angle. However, I was able to get all the way up to 30m, so it definitely works.

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