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Good Bye, TelloPilots. A farewell "gift" for you... Protect Your Investment

Apr 30, 2020
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Dear fellow Tello Pilots,

I have lost my citizenship to this site as I'm no longer a T.P., but I do have T.P. - but that's for cleaning :p

I lost my Tello. I spend an our in the burning Thailand sun walking around a hot *** rice field looking up into the towering afro-foliage of trees that separated the Indian-styled temple that I was filming with my Tello and the muddy rice feild that I'm standing to get a different perspective of the tree that I think the drone is tangled in.

It's ridiculous, a light breeze slammed my Tello into a tree and now it's gone. I'm not going to spend another 70USD to buy a new one. I'm going to get back into photography (DSLR) and wait for the price of the Mavic Mini to drop some more.

Losing your drone is NO joke and I found something that you all should buy to protect your investment - the BEST bluetooth tracker in the market.

It's called TILE and they just realized a small version of it. It's waterproof and sticks to virtually anything, has a 150 ft range and built-in 3-year battery.

Take care guys! Thank you for your hospitality.

PS - I found that if you take separate shots and pano them together, you get a final product with pretty good resolution. My pics are below.


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