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Hello from Alberta Canada


Dec 4, 2018
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Hi folks, I love these forums, I found so many useful tips, tricks and fixes on my Dji forum for my Phantom 3,
Anyways I own a bunch of different toy and hobby grade drones, Recently I bought a Tello mainly because it has some Dji technology in it and I wanted a stable flyer for indoors. I’ll tell you it’s been a love hate relationship from the second day I got my “First “one.
Immediately I got that 203 error code, which basically turns it into a brick, no amount of cooling time would solve this, The Ryze chat help was very quick and, well... useless in this matter, they suggested to return it to Amazon, I did and received a replacement, ok great!! Happy again until after the update and a couple flights, same error code came up again, now by this time I had purchased the carrying pouch,4 extra batteries, and a couple different chargers, I’m invested.. once again the Ryze guys apologized for the inconvenience and suggested to send it to them which includes a 2 week shipment, the investigation and the return shipping wait, over a month, I said I’ll deal with Amazon who understood and this time refunded my money and I shipped it back to them,
I still wanted the Tello as when it works, it works great, and I have all the non refundable accessories, I should receive it tomorrow,
My biggest concern is that the Error was definitely not associated with a 3rd party battery, and the techs should address this issue possibly with the correct error code that is correct for the issue, might make it easier to fix,
Anyways wish me luck with the next Tello, I’ll try and keep updating any problems or helpful tips with tis drone, Bye for now....
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