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Is there any currently available bluetooth controller that works on an Android phone?

Are there any controllers available that can successfully connect to an Android phone and then work in conjunction to control the DJI Tello so that I do not have to control the DJI Tello with my Android phone alone?
As far as I know only Apple has a MiFi controller that works with iOS Android users will have to wait for the new version of the GameSir, the T1d model, which will apparently appear in the DJI online store first when it debuts. Meanwhile I have heard a stylus works better than fingers on the phone screen.
Ok guys and gals, i found over on RCG in the Tello post a video of a guy that got a BT controller working with android. I tried it and i can say that the Gamesir T1s does control the Tello. My battery went flat, but i could take pictures from a button on the gamepad. The virtual sticks was also moving from my controls on the Gamesir. I am busy charging up, then fly with it. Here is the video:
He doesnt speak English, so i just watched the video over and over again, to try and figure out what he is doing. The re-mapper tool that you have to download is showing it is a malicious site, but i just ignored it, and downloaded. Will report back, as soon as i have a fully charged battery.

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