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It looks like PS4 controller support is coming!

Here's a reference in the string file for example.



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If you can do a mod then go for it!
I use a ps3 controller via the sixaxis app on my rooted samsung on5 it works wonderfully it kind of a sloppy hard path to get it working but once it is you will love it. Very responsive. However I would like to move to using my new phone samsung j7 sky pro and my ps4 controller . As of right now getting root accessto this phone is all but impossible (believe me I've thrown everything at it) so for the time being I am using octopus mapper to run my ps4 controller. It's not nearly as functional as my tello+on5+ps3 but it works. So far I've only had problems with the pov stick. I wants to read like a video game and keep moving the pov constantly. I've tried a few times to link it to the app as a bluetooth controller thru just the app (not using a mapper i.e. sixaxis, tincore, octo...) I've not had any success yet
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