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led indicator night flight

It looks great. Where does the power of LED come from?
I found that the micro-USB port of Tello can also output 5V which can drive any micro-USB LED light and that may save you an extra battery weight.
[QUOTE = "HM123, post: 12865, miembro: 4092"] Se ve muy bien. ¿De dónde viene la potencia del LED?
Descubrí que el puerto micro-USB de Tello también puede generar 5V, que puede conducir cualquier luz LED micro-USB y que puede ahorrarle un peso adicional de batería. [/ QUOTE]

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There's another thing I would like to share. If I want to fly at night without Tello drifting or eventually out of control, I will let VPS unavailable just by blocking with any opaque tape and then the Tello will be in attitude mode all the time while flying at night. As landing, I will not use one button landing but force the drone down to the ground about few seconds until the propellers stop. Wish you have a good night flight !
By the way, I will put on the propeller guards while flying in attitude mode. :cool:

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