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Micro Drone 4.0


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Dec 13, 2018
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Anyone still remember the Microdrone 4.0?
About 10 months ago there was a thread about it. The founder Vernon joined the forum, wrote a few sentences and left. Back then I was skeptical about a few things.

Somehow I just thought of this campaign and had a look to see how they are doing. oh boy...

Back in Feb 2019 the scheduled release date was 4 month into the future. Now the scheduled release date is 2 months into the future. Based on that rate the drone might just make it for Xmas 2020.
In the meantime the drone has gained 50% weight (115gr became 170gr) and lost 25% of its flight time (13min down to 10min).

I have checked a few comments on indiegogo and Vernon basically repeats every few hours how successful this project is or will be. He has been telling this for months now (if he is smart enough he uses a bot instead).
Every update is just another re-iteration of "we are almost there", selling baby steps as giant's leaps, and silently changing milestone dates every other day.

By now the MD4 is already irrelevant. Even thought the Mavic Mini costs more it is in the same segment - just miles ahead. MM is being sold for a month now and the MD4 won't be available for at least another 6-12 months (unless they run out of money, which sounds likely as a timing overrun always implies budget overruns as well).

This is just a warning for anyone interested in drone perks on indiegogo or anywhere else. Forget it - at least if you want a drone and not just hot air
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