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Move Your Repeater


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May 28, 2018
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You people using repeaters need to move them some distance from your take off position this will extend the range. If you install a free WiFi signal app on whatever device you can check the repeaters strength at a distance.
I have been using repeaters for several years with Bebop drones. My repeater is usually a few hundred feet away line of sight in the direction of flight. I use a narrow beam antenna for long distance flights. The small repeaters should be basically omnidirectional.

If you have a good repeater signal say at 200' you have just extended your range that far in basically a circle plus whatever range the tello adds to it(obstructions of course reduce range). Also raise it on a non metallic pole. I use pvc at about 10' agl. This maybe be over kill for such a basic drone as the tello but it does apply.
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I love this #simpletruth?

Many should learn what “repeater” means....EVERYONE reviewing range on YouTube has failed to actually use the repeater in its true essence. There are two issues when having the repeater off person though, theft and LoS (should always keep it within sight right?.......riiiiiiiiiiiiiight ?)
Yep LOS. Guess theft might be an issue in some areas. Maybe disguise it in some way.
Routers that can be used as a repeater are a good choice, many can run on the common power pack.
I use an Ampex with 800mw output. This would far exceed the tellos ability but provide a strong signal closer in in WiFi infested areas.
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