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New bird in the block


May 23, 2019
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It’s a small little thing

Powerful enough to inspire you, to provide you different perspectives to your surrounding and to turn on your imagination and creativity. Of course, you will find various options but more limitations. Both will help you find new upgrade…my will be DJI Spark.

Animals likes Tello

Few days of using Tello in urban area (Sarajevo) were quite interesting as almost every time I used Tello there were some birds, cats, dogs and again birds...too many of them...trying to catch him..or just approaching too closely. There was no contact but...you should be aware of potential risks…for animals and for Tello. Tello propellers can injure small animals so please be aware and avoid any close contact.

Birds are especially interested in Tello. Today...i successfully recorded on of these birds who want to find out more about new kid in the block...in their block. This was just one close contact, this bird was circling around more than 7 times, but one was on the front of Tello so I managed to record it.

Bird perspective

It’s a wonderful experience to see what is around you from above and to visit place you like and to see more beautiful perspective of the place you like - previously invisible. Going up to 20m without problem provide you a bird perspective...a moving eye from the sky.

I really like fly with Tello but in urban areas you have to avoid pointing camera toward buildings as you want to protect another people privacy. Lucky for me, all the windows in apartment buildings are too much reflective and dark, so even if my Tello is looking toward the windows, you can’t see through them and I’m happy with it. But this is something that make me unhappy with the fact that there are unethical people who will have interests to look into your/my window and your/mine privacy is under risk.

Dear pilots….teach others about importance of other people privacy!

Back to Tello…it’s a small and powerful toy and amazing ally in gaining more understanding what I really want with new upgraded drone. Of course, new drone will be a friend of Tello, not his replacement.

Tello, you are lovely & sweet little thing.


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