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New tello pilot pics

More like junk yard pmsl was just testing my new tello had a viper pro before it was rubbish love my tello my freind has a spark and he was surprised at the tello
Yeah ran into qn issue earlier though used the atello app and it just took off up on the air then crashed so didnt use it again and used 5he offical app amd it seemed to not control.it properly and turned on its own without me directing it any ideas
And didnt seem as stable at holding its altitude amd seemed to wander off on its own which its never done bit worring
You might run the two IMU test on the app. One of the test requires hovering to run the test
Right is that on the atello app cos i reverted back to using 5he offical app and it struggled to hold it position which it never had issues with before hope i havent trashed by crashing it indoors
Yes, it is on the original Tello app under the page with the 3 dots on upper left. The IMU requires you to remove guards and props and follow instructions for movement
Yeah ive done that so ill try to see if rhats worked but ive also removed the atello app and reinstalled the offical app just in case it may be wifi interference as well had a message on screen saying incorrect take off recallibration needed thats why i did that lol thanks for your help
Great last shot... the colours are really good.
Glad you drone is back ??

Thanks cant wait to get out in the open with it love the pics morw than video was took with 4he sun behind me love the drone xx

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