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Now in stock at DJI

I noticed this today, daisy-girl. Exciting. Looks like the GameSir T1d should be shipping very soon from the DJI Store. I checked several U.S. dealers and none of them show it in stock yet. I hope to see my order in shipping status tomorrow.
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Just got my shipping notification from FedEx that DJI has shipped my GameSir T1D today and it will arrive to me on Monday.
I just ordered mine today 4/18. 4 batteries and the Gamesir T1d. I'm hoping the T1d works as expected. I know there is another controller the nimbus which is a bit more expensive and I think you can use it for playing games on your phone. I'm not sure if the T1d will have that ability.

In either case, I bought 4 batteries along with the controller only because I plan to purchase the battery hub. While 4 are charging, one is playing and i can just rotate them accordingly keeping all 4 slots full on the charging hub.

Hope my expectations are met!
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