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PC and Tello Connection


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Dec 7, 2018
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Hi all. New to this forum have been a pilot for a while. I have a Phantom 3 at work and a Phantom 4 at home. I work in a High School and we just got some Tello drones. My plan is to teach my students python and fly a swarm of drones, and teach other kids how to use the apps. I have the drones at home over break learning how to use every app and freshening up programming skills. Everything on my phone works perfect. I cannot get my pc or my laptop to properly connect. It says I am connected but the drone just sits there and looks at me when I run the program. I did get it working, but I had to change the port number every time I ran the program. Anyone have or had the same issue.
What program are you using on the PC to control the Tello's?
Hi I'm using anaconda for python. What I'm actually running into is a port issue
I can run the program fine once, then when I run it again I get a sock.bind(local_address) error saying Only once usage of each socket address is normally permitted. If I change the port to another number I can fly it once.
I am having issue in connectivity " Did not receive a state packet from the Tello". Anyone know solution?

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