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Pentecost Hackathon - new SCRATCH extension for ScratchX (Raspberry PI 3+)


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Jan 3, 2019
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Back in Stuttgart ;->
Over the Pentecost weekend I run my own Hackathon, just a few hours to get a new implementation for SCRATCH. It is not finalised yet, but I've implemented an UDP receiver to receive Tello State.


And there is nothing more necessary than the javascript which can be loaded into SCRATCH (Raspberry Pi 3+).
Raspberry Scratch2 is closer to ScatchX.

There still some improvement required. Not available for the public, but within the next few days I'll write a simple how-to and will publish it via github.
Volunteers needed, if you are interested. Please let me know.

Minor update. Using a simulator (a tiny javascript which receive data from scratch and response the received message). It seems to work, not perfect and with limitations based on Scratch (on Raspberry?).


Minor update, please give me some time.

It is easiy possible to receive Tello state on port 11111, but it seems to be not possible to get response from Tello on port 8889 for commands like command, battery?, temp?, and so on....
No idea why this didn't work. So I need some time to recreate the package.So publish date is slightly delayed.

See respone shown above come from a simulator, a javascript listening on port 8889 (Tello) and fire back some commands to Scratch. While doing this witTello I get Tello state but no respones to commands.Strange, isn't it.


Update I'm still beyond my sprint planning. Multiple issues have to be solved. It is a private project I use mainly to test a g git (workflow) of a project I'm currently involved. And to get a rough idea about user stories and acceptance criteria. To create sense making samples (user stories and acceptance criteria) for the project team. But I'm now nearly finished and try to publish to the public next weekend. So most of the returned states are visible in Scratch..

Scratch receive messages from a responding test script.
But I'm convinced it will work with the Tello, too.

So stay tuned!
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