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Power Mi2 Ext from T1D Controller?


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Aug 11, 2018
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I'm a new Tello owner and have set-up the Mi2 extender thanks to the forum. Never would have achieved that without help. Thx.

Has anyone tried powering the Mi2 from the controller using a micro USB to Female USB? I have a controller inbound, and trying to figure out a nice portable set-up. Thx for any input.

PS: My guess is the answer is NO. Betting the circuitry prevents back feeding. If so, look to Velcro a slimline battery pack to the back of the display holder.
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I received the T1D controller, and the answer is NO. ;)

My back-up plan has issues, as well. :( I taped a power stick behind the phone mount with the Mi2 plugged in. When the Tello is about 50yds away, I get numerous wifi/Bluetooth interference warnings. Place the extender on the launch pad, which is about 8' away from where I'm standing, fly the tello to the same areas and get no errors. Having one combined controller/display/extender package is not looking promising.

I went back and reviewed video. When the extender was mounted on the controller and a that 50yd point, getting pixilation, and overall more frame skips. When sitting on the launch pad, no pixilation, and very few frame skips.
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