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Some issues with 3rd Party Software to control Tello from Laptop


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Sep 23, 2021
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Hi all, new to the forum.

So I am using Tello drones for a class. The thing is they require mobile devices... which we do not have available. I was going to try chromebooks but our IT guy says most are being fixed after some hard use last year.

So I look to see what I can do from a PC/Laptop. I had no problem downloading a copy of Droneblocks for my mac. But when I tried it for Windows I find that the free version (the Chrome extension) can't be installed on our copies of Chrome. (Admin doesn't allow it).

OK I thought, I will look for some other people who might have created some software. I tried the following:

Drooone: this app works OK, but it seems awfully finicky on a windows machine about connecting. I do not know if this is due to there being more than one Wifi signal in the room. I told a couple of laptops to forget some of the networks, but so far it has been hit or miss. Another interesting thing I noticed was the Tello runs hot -- the Drooone software seems to want to tell me it is overheating. And even when commands do not appear to be getting to the drone it runs hot as though there is some processing going on. Anyhow if anyone has any suggestions about this particular app, please share!

I tried one called Drone Forge from AI software, which had an d on these forums. It sort-of-connected but it seemed the commands were not getting to the drone. This one was a miss, I couldn't get it working, but again, if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them.

Hermes makes a block-coding app that seemed well enough, but not only did it connect, but transmit no commands, I can't access any documentation because their web site ends with ".Haus" and my browser says it can't find them. So while it looks intuitive enough there's no real way I can tell if I am operating it correctly.

Anyhow I am curious if anyone has had any luck finding at a minimum a free app to do javascript on a Tello (like what Droneblocks has) or something that allows control from a laptop with a minimum of fuss so a bunch of not very technical ninth graders can use it and maybe even learn some coding. Like, I would love to do the java coding that Droneblocks has but $50 a pop is a bit much.

Many thanks in advance.
Only thing I can add is that overheating is normal. Tello is made to fly. There is no active cooling and the processor runs hot if not cooled by airflow. The price for electronic video stabilization and VPS.
If you want Tello to sit somewhere without overheating you have to put it on some tiny CPU fan.
If you plan to control it from a laptop (may be, programming with Python may be an option for your class), you can send the "motoron" / "motoroff" commands to the Tello EDU. There are also workarounds to do this for the "non-EDU" version.

The propellers are spinning slowly in that case which is enough to protect it from overheating.

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