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Tello 1 second delay in movement


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Oct 8, 2018
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Hello! I am happy new Tello user and i must say that Tello is amazing drone!
Sorry for my poor english!

Have others experienced ~ 1 second delay, when use right controls (movements)? When i press "move forward", tello is starting move after ~ 1 second.
When i trying to move drone forward and then backward - it is little bit unsafe - 1 second delay. It has been flown several meters at one second...

But left controls (turning left-right and up/down) is working without delay!

I'm faced with this problem with android phone, with iphone phone. In two different places (both are living places with huge WIFI cover).

I have DJI Phantom drone and Hubsan X4 and these drones does not have any lags at all!

Have i some deffected drone, or it is normal behaviour?
Can it be fixed somehow?
Hey, noone can tell me that this is normal behaviour or not? This is so simple question...
I am stuck about warranty service, if it is not normal...
I do not see any relevant delay with my Setup. (Smartphone: Huawei P20, T1d Controller and the tello)
There is a small delay, but i do not think that it is 1 sec. long.
Small additional inforamtion: I am flying normally in Areas without or with less other wifi-networks. (forest,...)
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Okay, after some tests i found that is not delay in starting to move, but in stopping or changing moving directions.
When I release the forward control, at example, than is about a second to fully stop one place.

I press forward (tello starts to move)
Then i suddenly press backward moving control (drone change dirrection only after about a second).

It seems that tello needs to stabilise itself when change moving directions...

iI is normal behaviour?
I haven’t experience this. Have you calibrated the Tello sensors? I don’t know if it would correct your problem, but it’s worth a shot.
Hi I also just got my drone and it does the same thing however I do not notice it while flying in fast mode. Did you ever find a fix?
Sorry for reviving this thread... I experience the same symptoms with my tello. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is normal?
This is normal behavior. My guess is its an ill conceived feature to make Tello's movements more soft so electronic image stabilization can cope with the movements.

Actually right after takeoff you have a sparkling quick drone for a few seconds - with minor EIS problems if you rock too hard on the stick. After a few seconds this "EIS slow mode" feature kicks in and Tello becomes sluggish.

If enough people complain as loud as they can on the official FB group and other groups then maybe they will reconsider this (and a couple of other) ill conceived features.

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