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Tello EDU, a new drone,(may be new firmware only) new app for schools

Very Cool! The Wifi access point stuff is awsome. Multiple Tellos from a single controller. And that should help with range issues too. You can get a beefy wifi router that will go much farther than tiny one built in.

And the "more programming languages" hopefully means a real sdk and not just the lame commands.

Wonder when.
Google translation of the first article. This is GOOOD STUFF. Note highlighted parts.

( May 10 , 2018 ) Chengdu) DJI DJI, a leader in global civil drones and aerial photography , launched Tello Edu Educational Programming Drone at the Intel 2018 Smart Education Summit . Dajiang uses the Tello Tello Interesting UAV from Rui Chi Technology as its carrier to carry out innovations and upgrades for STEAM ( science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics ) educational scenarios and needs, and to create a dedicated educational app and teacher training system. Tello Edu and its full range of education solutions are available for enterprise users .

Dajiang Innovation stated at the meeting: “ Dajiang is very concerned about STEAM, which is in line with the requirements of the country and can also leverage on the advantages of DJI technology, and also serves the needs of a wide range of users. As the first product of DJI ’s STEAM education function, Tello Edu has created a brand new category of educational programming drones that will inspire students' enthusiasm for learning through their interesting and characteristic features, and will develop spatial thinking and problem analysis capabilities.In the future , we hope that with all walks of life. The high-quality partners work together to use the power of the company to empower young people's education. "

Create Education Edition APP , entertaining
Tello Edu will be released in sync with its educational app with the same name . The App has developed functions such as aircraft control, building block programming, and programming games for educational scenarios, allowing young people to experience the fun and creativity of programming and flying missions through drone programming.

In terms of aircraft control, the educational app supports the demonstration of aircraft attitude learning. In this mode, the Tello 3D model will be displayed in the center of the APP interface , and the space attitude angle of the aircraft will be displayed next to the model, so that the impact of different lever amounts on the aircraft will be feedback in real time.

In addition, on the basis of joystick control, the educational app adds support for somatosensory manipulation. Students can use the gyroscope of the mobile device to control the flight of the aircraft, further deepen the understanding of the operating principle of the inertial control unit ( IMU ) , and exercise logic. Thinking ability and creativity.

In terms of programming modules, the educational app will support a variety of programming languages including Scratch , Python , Swift , and can also use visual building blocks to program and control the aircraft for takeoff, pitch, roll, yaw, speed, and rollover of the aircraft. The setting of multiple flight parameters can even be used to design flying "stunts" such as flipping and bouncing of an aircraft .

After completing the programming, students can enter the simulator interface to check if their code logic is correct through the virtual drone and return the adjustment code at any time. After the code is implemented correctly, connect the real Tello Edu for the actual programming flight. While improving the safety of aircraft use, it saves a lot of actual testing time and greatly improves teaching efficiency.

The App is also equipped with a new fun programming game, a total of 12 planetary missions, students need to assist in the game RoboMaster masters of the same name in the animation of the hero and heroine, programmatically drive the virtual Tello in the game to complete the task. The knowledge and skill points and the number of level missions covered by each planet are different. Encourage students to further learn building block programming and drone knowledge in games (some game levels need to pay).

Optimize control methods to achieve multi-machine formation flight

To ensure flight safety of drones indoors or in class, Tello Edu uses position-based control methods that are implemented through visual positioning technology, which greatly reduces the teaching area requirements, improves flight safety, and makes it easier for teachers and students. Implement common tasks in a programming game such as a maze or a map.

In addition, Tello Edu supports Marker coordinate recognition. All Tello Edus on the same Marker map can obtain the same map absolute coordinates, enabling more accurate multi-machine formation flying.

Tello EDU supports Wi-Fi AP mode, subverting the common one-to-one control mode, allowing multiple Tello Edus to connect to a WiFi router at the same time , receiving computer instructions from the same subnet and providing feedback, thus achieving multi-machine status Synchronization, collaborative control. It is easier for students to achieve multi-machine formation flight while providing the technical basis for team games, multi-machine confrontation and other competition methods in the design of competitions.

Integrate AI elements to support machine vision recognition

As the main branch of artificial intelligence ( AI ), machine vision recognition technology has been applied to a large number of products in DJI, and has become one of the technologies that Dajiang is proud of. Tello Edu equipped with Intel high-performance processor , its powerful processing capabilities allow Tello Edu without additional accessories, you can easily implement a series of image recognition to meet the creative needs of students.

The younger students can use simple programming to allow Tello Edu to respond to the instructions after recognizing instructions in the form of simple shapes and colors, such as completing tasks such as takeoff, landing, acceleration, and photographing.

Senior students can send the images captured by the Tello Edu drone camera (including the front-view main camera and down-view camera ) to the server, and use powerful OpenCV functions to realize the recognition of a larger number of objects, people, animals, and equipment. As well as classification, further study of image processing, classification and identification of related functions and algorithms.

Provide a full range of teaching solutions, science education system

To ensure the systematic and standardized teaching process, Dajiang will launch Tello Edu as the core curriculum training service specifically designed for teachers, allowing teachers to quickly become familiar with drone flight, composition, principle and programming applications, and supporting related certifications. The system provides teachers with a complete set of educational drone teaching solutions.

Create a brand new category of STEAM education industry and cultivate spatial thinking ability

STEAM education is different from the traditional single-subject, high-knowledge education. It integrates science , technology , engineering , art, and mathematics , allowing students to work on real life. Inquiring into practice and using comprehensive knowledge and skills to solve practical problems have been increasingly valued by the education market at home and abroad in recent years.

As an educational programming drone, Tello Edu pioneered to help students break through the limits of the 2D plane, enhance the ability to analyze and solve practical problems in the three-dimensional space that fits the actual situation, and fully develop their imagination and creativity. Stereoscopic space capabilities and hands-on coordination. In addition, students can access and understand cutting-edge technologies such as automatic control technology, machine vision, and deep learning algorithms at the basic education stage to lay the foundation for more extensive learning and exploration in the future.

More information on Tello Edu and its ancillary solutions will be announced in June 2018 and is planned for public offerings for enterprise users such as schools and educational institutions1 . For more information, visit www.dji.com/steam .
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The good stuff is the downward faceing camera and some sort of OpenCV support. The Maker Map coordination stuff could be amazing too. Depending on what it is.
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Two cameras that you can receive data from. Is this common to have dual cameras on drones?
Oh darn haha.
I just finished my own OpenCV image tracking controller, while they seem to have been working on their own...
Hopefully the stuff in that release comes as a software update to current drones, I definitely need access to downward camera and onboard sensor information to be more accurate.
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The most interesting thing I have read about tello's so far..

Just as I was about to click buy.. Now I wonder if I should be waiting for the edu version..
I'm wondering if this will be a whole new drone or a different firmware? It mentions two cameras, but they could be talking about the current downfacing camera that is already on the drone.
I tried calling Ryze USA today and asking about this...the phone rang and rang....no machine, no "this is Ryze.."
it just rang and rang...
I got a reply to today from Sebastian.Luo at dji.com offering to contact me for more info. I am a university faculty member and I will follow up on this offer. The Tello Edu project is active now in China but they are looking into expanding it globally. There was a spreadsheet form that I am expected to fill out and return.
Nice. Is there any indication if it is a new drone or just a firmware?
I did not receive any information on what the Edu Tello has compared to the consumer one for sale right now. I did return the survey form and gave my phone number. Will be interesting to see what the next steps will be.
I talked to Sebastian for about an hour last week. They are looking for ideas how to get into the edu market in the US.
I gave him a few ideas that he liked...
I asked if the Edu Tello would be different, and I don't know if I heard it right, the connection wasn't the greatest.
Don't quote me on this but I think he said the Edu will look different like on the website, but the hardware and firmware will be the same. There will be a different app for it that will add different functions.
Good news! (assuming its true). All our exiting units should be able to get the new functionality.
Don't count on being able to update existing units. Ryze plans to sell Tello EDU as kits including courseware. They were planning on a 6K entry price, but I suggested a $1K-$1.5K entry level price.
6k! How many drones come in the kit!

I don't know about any other schools but 6k is about 6 years of budget!

If that's the case, there is enough reverse engineering going on right here to not warrant the cost!
AND I can write my own course!
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