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Tello falling in the air


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Mar 3, 2023
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I'm currently new to this forum and I am having difficulty with my Tello. I only had this for a month and had some major crashes but the worst ones was I lost a propeller or the top cover almost opening and lost it for a week outside. But no signs of damage on the body lost one propeller and no water damage. flew it normally for sometime after. But lately as I fly my drone it's having a problem where it just flips or shutdown while flying midair and crashing because when it crash it instantly shutdown. One time I almost losing my motors in the front but I just insert it back in. Also while it was flying it seems to have a sensor error and it is where it starts to flip randomly and crash but lately it doesn't show any errors just crashing and shutting down. It also shows a light indicator that has a light pink color. I don't know what it means. It's a solid pink color. Turning off Tello doesn't make it go away only removing the battery makes it go away. I'm guessing it's the critical error status but it's not red or is it maybe just a glitch or something? One time I had a bad battery status on all my batteries in the charging hub maybe it would be a possible problem? Maybe it has something to do with it because it crashes at half battery and one time at 90%. Tried doing an IMU and Cog calibration but the problem is still there. My guesses are that maybe it overheated while flying, Maybe it's the sensors going crazy ,Maybe it's a dying motor or there is a glitch in the firmware or maybe a battery problem? So if you could help me I would be glad to hear it.

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