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Tello gripe and kind of a question.


Sep 16, 2018
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Love my Tello. Little man is awesome. Just about to order my wifi range extender dealio. Just got my 3 in 1 charger and awaiting extra batteries. Here's my gripe.. Maybe I'm just an idiot and doing something wrong, but, for example, the other day I bit my fingernails off nervously flying my Tello over the Suwannee River, to a waterfall across river. Getting some amazing shots... Doing sideways flybys of the falls... A super cool river crossing shot like maybe a foot off the waters surface.. Then for a final shot, I zoomed down the river Bank on my side. When I was pulling a U'ie to return home and land, I clipped a small vine, which caused little man to veer right and bump the rockface of a small incline and he hit the dirt losing the battery in hje process. No sweat. He's a tough little bird. I popped the battery back in. Fired him up... And to my dismay.. All that bomb footage was gone. :( Why!? The footage is being sent directly to my android device, so why isn't the footage saved to my phone? Or is it and I'm just a noob idiot? It's definitely not in my Tello video folder. Is there a way to change this video saving process using scratch? Oh which reminds me, is it possible to change the yaw rate with scratch? I want to go fast but the jerky super fast yaw is killing some good video footage... TIA
As for the footage. I had the same problem. Fixed it by accessing the permissions in settings. Perhaps this is your problem. The videos and photos save instantly, so even if you crash, you should still have them saved.

Foe the yaw, are you using the prop guards? These create wind resistance, making the drone unstable and jerky.

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