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Mar 22, 2024
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Hello from Maryland. Just got a Tello and am experiencing with different props. I'm an "expert" beginner (if there's such as thing, (somewhere in the middle) as far as flying drones. The Tello just has a nostalgia to it in that even though I own bigger fancier more expensive and more capable GPS drones, I find myself picking up the Tello a lot because it's really awesome to fly. I dont own a DJI GPS drone so the Tello is the only DJI product that I have and I'm amazed at how well it hovers in place accurately. I know they call it a beginner drone but I didint get the Tello because I'm a beginner. I got it because it's cool and unique.

My two biggest gripes with the drone is it dosent take a memory card and I wish they had put at least a 1080p camera on it or had upgraded it to 1080p through time. If it had a memory card, they could have higher resolution going to the memory card and then just downscale it to 720p to transmit it through Wifi. Thats a limitation too but Ive been messing with a TP Link Wifi Extender. I dont find the battery life too much of a gripe because I just see the battery life proportionate with the size of the drone. Smaller drones usually are shorter battery life and vice versa.

And I forgot the biggest gripe I have. If the Tello loses VPS it seems to reject manual input or does it really sluggishly even in sport mode. I really wish there was a better overlap between VPS and manual control. I've had it blow away before when I wouldve been able to fight the wind manually. Seems like a simple firmware update could fix this. Or just a workaround where I could get the Tello to fly manually and not worry about the VPS.

But overall I really love this drone.
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