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Propeller Upgrades


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Mar 22, 2024
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Been messing around with different propellers on my Tello. I found some no name Ali Express 75mm props that I believe are the same reccomending by a forum member a couple years ago who bought them on Banggood.

Also, tried the Kingkong/LDARC 65mm props that several people have reccomended on Youtube.

In my experience , both worked well and fight the wind quite a bit better. But battery life is shorter on both. They both maintain position the same but I noticed the altitude was bobbing up and down some a few feet back and forth up and down occasionally. The heavier 75mm props that a forum member on her suggested sounded like the motors were either struggling to turn the heavier propellers or the motor shafts were slipping. The 75mm Aliexpress props come off rather easily verses the 65mm LDARC props. The 75mm had a total different sound than the 65mm. The 65mm propellers were obviously spinning at higher rpm but just sounded more balanced and with less stress on the motors. Although the higher rpm might not be good too. I also noticed Jello on the FPV feed with the bigger props whereas the LDARC 65mm props didint have it. In sport mode, it seemed the drone had more stability at hover with the LDARC 65mm and the 75mm ones had much more vibration which explains the jello in video mode. Cornering on the 65mm props is amazing though. Although both go faster than stock.

I'm contemplating on just going back to the stock props. I dont want to ruin the motors prematurely because I really like this drone although the motors didint really get super hot with either props.

What's your experience with using different props?

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