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Tello Low Battery Life


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May 23, 2023
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Hey guys. I bought my Tello a month ago, and the battery that came with it was completely dead, Tello wasn't even flashing any lights. I charged it for 2 hours and did a test flight, got around 6 minutes. Charged again and apperently battery life increased a bit, got 8 minutes. Still, I thought that 8 minutes wasn't good enough and that the battery was damaged, so I bought 3 new(according to seller) Fullymax batteries.

Charged them all up, and to my surprise got 9 minutes from one battery, 8 from another one and 7 from the last one.

What could be the problem? I see people getting 13 minutes while hovering on youtube, I can't imagine how. Should I try to get my money back from the seller and buy from another person? Or the batteries could get a bit better on the next charges? I'm using a 2.0 amp samsung charger.

Also, the seller said that I shouldn't charge in a cable longer than 50cm (1.64 ft), and it has to be at least 2.4AMP charger.
Anybody confirms this info?

I'm charging on a 70cm cable and a 2.1AMP charger, he said that the 2.1AMP charger is just ok.

I only have this 70cm cable and I think he pulled this maximum length for the cable info out of his you know where.
The only reason to have a shorter cable is to reduce the voltage drop across it. If it was critical, DJI would supply one with the quadcopter. Your short flight time may result from abnormal motor current draw or electronics flaw in your Tello. The simplest test is to try your batteries in another tello known to get 13 minutes.
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Batteries are funny things. The Tello uses a LiPo. Anyone that has been involved in RC stuff knows that there are two states that they should be in. Fully charged or storage. Because there is no real charger that does the storage for Tello the life span will be impacted. Chances are it's just a bit worn out. Buy a new battery when you get a chance and you will probably see the difference. Previous owner probably didn't condition it well. You can kind of kick it into life by giving a full charge and run it flat a few times. Proper LiPo conditioning is that you use works on a basis of when you don't use it you store at 40% charge.It's also dependent on the temperature you store the battery at.

For examplei - If you have the battery fully charged when not using it and you live somewhere that means its about 20C you could be looking at up to a 20% loss of capacity after just one year. If you put the battery to 40% "storage" that will drop to around 3 or 4%.

Probably the previous owner just charged it after every run.

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