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Tello motor dead?

Phantom LX

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Jul 13, 2018
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I've had my Tello for about two weeks and was just getting into doing cool tricks when one day i was flying it inside and did a flip but then the drone flipped and wasn't able to stabilize and fell down. Then I tried to take it off but it wouldn't take off, the motors spun and then the drone was about to take off then the drone flipped over while on the floor still. So I tried a few more times. Switched propellers but still nothing. So then I tried to calibrate emu (the calibration where you take off the props and put in all sorts of positions). Nothing, I contacted ryze tech support and they told me to either contact my seller or ship it to them. But it'll take time for both of those to happen so I was wondering if their is any other fix. Thanks in advance

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