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Tello not updating on Android


Mar 12, 2019
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I had recently purchased the DJI Tello and, as usual, as soon as I opened the app, it requested to download the update. After the download was complete I tried to update it, after connecting back to the tello, and it got stuck at 99% and switched I everything off. After which the aircraft was working fine with the old firmware. The following day, I tried various methods(like installing different versions of the app) but none of them worked as quick I thought it would. Finally, I re-installed the latest version of the app and downloaded and initiated the download process all over again. This time I just left it to do whatever it wanted and after a while, the status indicator turned solid red, so I thought it was updating and I left it to do more. After a few more minutes the wifi connection to the tello started dropping on and off until eventually I got fed up and switched off the aircraft.

I have absolutely no clue why this is happening to my drone and I don't know what any of these lights mean. I would really like to get that extra benefits from the update. Any kind of help will be well appreciated.
Android version of the Tello app is known to do this. Do you have access to an apple device you can borrow to do the update? Once you do the update, you can ditch the Apple Device.
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Thank you for your help. I used my friend's Apple device and got the drone updated to the latest version. As of now the drone flies perfectly indoors, yet to try it outdoors.
Before that I would like to know what are the major upgrades/changes that Ryze has made in this update.
Thanks again for your helo
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  • Release Date: 2018.12.12
  • Aircraft Firmware: V01.04.78.01

What’s New?

  • Increased the hover accuracy for auto takeoff
  • Added support for Swift Playgrounds
Thanks a lot. Please pardon me as since I'm new to this whole drone hobby thing, but what exactly is Swift Playgrounds? Is it related to the programming language Swift?

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