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Tello overheating


Oct 21, 2018
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Hello folks
My tello heats up in 3 to 5 min of flight i stay in mumbai and currently the relitive temp here is abot 30 to 38° Celsius and humidity between 65 to 70% under these conditions its normal for tello to overheat as it cuts of to save it self from damage occuring due to overheating but what can be done if you come across such a situation as tello does not have a cooling fan so i will to give u some tips
Fly during winter
Fly indoor with aircondioner
Limit your fligt to 3 to 4 min
But all the above does not fix the issue of tello flying in hot condiitions hope tello to comes atleast with a micro cooling fans to keep high tem in bay in the mean while i am working on my own to fix the issue and i have come across something which is related to the two intake ducts in the front bottom fuselage of tello and working out on how to get more cooled air into the duct which leads to the heat sink on the bottom once my project is complete i will share it in my future posts if it works out i would request others to. Work on it too collective efforts is a need for good out come
I live in Puerto Rico which has same weather conditions all year long. My Tello does overheat if it's stationary, but it runs just fine as long and if's flying. The Tello uses it's own prop wash to cool itself. If your Tello is overheating while flying, I suggest you return it or contact Ryze Tech for a replacement.
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