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Tello with Xiaomi Mi Repeater | How to Reduce Lag and Increase Range

Gadget Inspector

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Jul 9, 2018
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I tested the Tello with and without the range extender to see if it would, a) reduce or eliminate frame skipping in the recorded video, and b) reduce or eliminate lag in the live video feed. Despite the results of this test, I still think it's time to do away with weak wifi fpv. If not 5.8ghz, there has to be some way to innovate a more reliable use of wifi such as what DJI does.
Nice video, man. I watched a ton of reviews before buying me Tello, so I've only used it without the repeater once. I'm not even really concerned with the live feed so much. If they would have just included onboard storage or a microSD card slot, that would have eliminated all of the frame dropping and skipping issues. Add that and an adjustable camera angle like the Zerotech Dobby, and the Tello would be killer. With that said, I've only been messing around with quadcopters for a little over a month, and I'm loving this little drone so far.

Yep, you're spot on. A micro SD card would have solved all of that. I've seen them on much cheaper drones too, so not sure why they didn't include one. I didn't see very many dropped frames in your video so you don't need a repeater. And...you are one of the smart ones to do a little research before buying. People love to hate on the Tello.
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I actually was using the Xiaomi repeater in that video. I've never flown without it outdoors.

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