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Testing Single Len FPV goggle for any quadcoper and any application


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Jul 19, 2018
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Are you using your mobile phone or tablet for flying your Ryze Tello ?

In this video I'll show you how to use a flying goggles, your flying experience will improve a lot.

Goggles isolates you from environment, forget about sun glares. You will get a brigther, clear image, despite full sunlight. As you are not disturbed from surroundings, flying inmersion is absolute.

You will enjoy flying in a totally new way as your point of wiew totally changes.

First, I tested more usual double lens Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles, They carry a pair of little lens and provide a different image for each eye. As you can see screen splits in two halfs, one for each eye.You need to use an special mode into TelloFPV flying application. Mayor drawback is screen surface is reduced by half, flight controls and gauges are reduced accordingly, you only get a simplified version of your flight screen.

Then, my favorite choice, least known single lens Fist Person View goggles, they were used for years by RC model hobbist. They carry a single, big, lens and provide a single image for both eyes. As said, this goggle´s model don't need a different image for each eye, that way we can keep using normal mode into TelloFPV flying application.

You can see this way we are using full screen area at full resolution, there is no need for hiding any control or gauge. Flying experience is far better

Summarized, single lens FPV googles need not any special mode, uses full screen resolucion and everything it's cheaper and more simple, you can even build by yourself !

Link to Single lens FPV goggle Hobbyking Quanum V2 Pro: Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 Pro

Link to sample DIY tutorial : DIY 50$ FPV Goggles !
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