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Tree landing war story


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Mar 3, 2018
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Everyone eventually has their Tello "war story", you know, when something bad happens while flying. Well, you might find mine a bit humorous. But it has a pretty good ending.
I decided to fly good ol' little Tello this evening. It was really a bit too dark already, but it was so calm I thought I'd get up there a few minutes. I learned my lesson.
As soon as I got up high enough to see the beautiful sunset Tello decided to land. Well, it was a bit confusing due to the low light. In the process Tello ended up in the really big tree, a live oak, in my yard near my house. It happened to be almost in the very top. Rain is forecast tomorrow. I had to do something.
So I went to the barn to get the tractor with the bucket attached in front. I brought two long sections of PVC one inch pipe. I put an elbow on one end to make sort of a hook.
I parked under the tree just below where I could barely see the Tello WAY UP THERE near the top of the tree. I raised the bucket pretty high, turned off the engine, then put a stool on the hood and climbed up into the bucket with my pipes connected to form one long waving stick. I had my wife sit in a chair pointing a bright flashlight at the Tello and proceeded to poke at it until it finally dropped, falling right in the bucket with me. It, of course being the little toughy it is, wasn't harmed much, only one prop missing. I'll look for it tomorrow but I consider that a minor loss considering the Tello, that precious fun little drone, could've been up there when the storms come.
How about that for a good ending for a crash into the top of a tree, losing only one prop and being recovered !
Glad you got it back !!
The potential loss of these wonderful little machines can be so traumatic that we are prepared to go to great lengths to save them ?


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