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YAW problem!


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Jul 11, 2018
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I notice this week the drone, actualy rotate very slowly on the left ( i compared with a friends Tello) he does not have this issue. What can i do to fix this?
I had the same problem like a week ago. I just replaced one of the motors and that fixed the problem. Chen to make sure all of the motor spinning freely with no resistance.
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Yes and No, seem to be intermittent, i contacted their tech support, here is there anwser.

Thanks for getting back to us and this is an update on your maneuvering issue.

We already received a response from the team who checked the log files of your controller. Based on the advice, the load of the joystick is different. Could you please make sure that the virtual joysticks are pushed to the end until a red mark is shown? Tello's virtual joysticks are movable and it allows you to drag the controller to the left part of the screen.

Please provide us feedback if the issue still persist. It will also be better if you can provide us a video clip showing the issue while comparing the speed between the left and right turn.

Once that you already have the video clip, please save it on YouTube and provide us the link that will be generated on your next response.

Looking forward on your next response.

tested again, and it was ok!
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