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Developing for the Tello

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  • Several unofficial APIs exist to facilitate the creation of applications that interact with the Tello. Using these APIs it is now possible to create desktop and mobile applications for the Tello on many platforms using several different programming languages.

    The APIs listed below mostly go well beyond the limited capabilities of the official Ryze-supplied API.

    LanguageAPI Homepage Windows MacOS Linux Android iOS
    C++?? ? ? ? ? ?
    C#TelloLib githubYNNYN
    DartRyze SDK 1.3 githubYYYYY
    GoGobot gobot.io Y Y Y ? ?
    GoTello github Y Y Y ? ?
    Java? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Kotlinktellogithub ? ? ? ? ?
    Rubytello gemgithubYYY??
    ProcessingRyze SDK 1.3githubYYYNo?
    Scratch2 (Raspberry 3)Ryze SDK 1.3githubN?YN?

    Another listing is at https://github.com/Matthias84/awesome-tello