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Recent content by Clinton1

  1. Clinton1

    Tello motor lifespan

    The motors will just stop working, or they will not feel smooth when you spin them by hand. They are very easy to replace if you need to, with after market motors. Your life span will depend on how you treat your Tello. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  2. Clinton1

    Tello wifi range extender

    No, sorry, there is no manual. Download the app, and just follow the prompts. Hope you come right. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  3. Clinton1

    New awesome tello app available on google play for android "TelloFPV" !!!

    I am using the otg function from my phone S8+. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  4. Clinton1

    Most incredible Dji Ryse Tello video on the internet right now !!!

    Yes, have seen it a few days ago on RCG forum :)
  5. Clinton1

    T1s & T1d the same size?

    Both the controllers are the same in size, just the internals is different.
  6. Clinton1

    Motor issue

    Try to lift the prop up a little bit, it is rubbing against the motor housing. Hope it helps.
  7. Clinton1

    Happy New Year !!!

    Happy New Year to all :)
  8. Clinton1

    New app: TelloFPV

    @volate!llo Thank you very much for your hard work bringing us this awesome app. Will update and then try it out, after the rain stops :)
  9. Clinton1

    New app: TelloFPV

    Thanks for the tip spamaro. Unfortunately i dont have my Taranis anymore, sold all my gear awhile ago :(
  10. Clinton1

    New app: TelloFPV

    Thanks for the reply, and explaining your view, i do understand :) Coming from flying 3D helicopters and FPV Racing quads, i get what you say about thumb control :) The problem is that i am used to Spectrum DX8 and FRSky Taranis Tx precision. A rate limiter button will be much appreciated, and...
  11. Clinton1

    New app: TelloFPV

    Yes, that could also work. :) i am not into taking pics or video, i just like to fly around the house where my bigger RC toys cant do it. What ever works for the masses :)
  12. Clinton1

    New app: TelloFPV

    @volate!lo, is it possible to implement a 3 speed flight mode. Like we now have the video mode, and Sport mode. Maybe something in between video - and Sport mode. Like Video mode, Sport mode and Sport+. Using the same button, but need to click 3 times for the fastest speed. So the Sport+ will...
  13. Clinton1

    TelloFPV - The app for Tello FPV, Photo, Video

    Thanks, you and i were typing at the same time. You will see in my previous post i figured it out that way. Thank you for your time explaining it umanbean :) Yes, meant the poer button on front.
  14. Clinton1

    TelloFPV - The app for Tello FPV, Photo, Video

    Disregard my previous post. I am such a idiot :p I got it working. I need to connect and pair the T1s and phone through the Android procedure for the first time. Then on next start up of controller with TelloFPV, i just need to switch on controller, not the way of start and A button at the same...
  15. Clinton1

    TelloFPV - The app for Tello FPV, Photo, Video

    Thank you for the response volate!lo. Ok, let me explain better. First i will start with stock app. Switch on Tello, then the app. Blue connect button comes up, and i connect. S8+ goes to wi fi settings and shows TelloAA or TelloAA+ when on extender. I connect and then go to Tello screen that is...