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Recent content by nutsnbolts

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    Gamesir T1d versus the Nimbus Steelseries Controller?

    Always a possibility. What I don't understand is that originally these controllers were made for phone gaming and what not but when Gamesir came out with the T1D it seems like it's a rushed job to get the controller out to support the drone. I don't know.
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    Anbee Tello Propellers Review ...

    I will try the other colors to see if it's the same experience. I did only try the white ones so hopefully it's just that.
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    Gamesir T1d versus the Nimbus Steelseries Controller?

    That is true, dedicated controller for the Tello but for an extra 15, the bluetooth controller can have other uses. Reality for me is that the tello is a phase till the next new things comes out and well guess what, your $30 dedicated T1d Gamesir is useless. Of course the Nimbus on the other...
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    Anbee Tello Propellers Review ...

    So I wanted to quickly give everyone a heads up regarding these spare propellers from Anbee. I really didn't need spare propellers but I thought the colored propellers would be a nice touch and having spares always is a good thing. For starters, they look identical and quality seems to be...
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    Gamesir T1d versus the Nimbus Steelseries Controller?

    Ok, so there is about a $10 to $15 difference in price for getting one over the other. From my understanding, either controller works wonderfully with the Tello Drone, or at least what I have read so far. I do have the Gamesir T1D and from my experience, it has worked great! My question is...
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    Tello firmware - improved range

    Honestly, we expect too much out of this drone. Whether it be inspired/leveraging intel and DJI technology, yadda yadda. Yes I have high expectations and for the most part it works well with my T1D Gamesir controller. A couple hiccups here and there but overall a good experience. The most...
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    Extra batteries...

    Bought 5 batteries with no issues. It did come from China so took about 4 days.
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    Video Choppy at 4 bit rate?

    So I thought the higher the bit rate, the smoother the video? I lowered the bitrate and it was smoother than the higher rate. Do I have this understanding backwards?
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    GameSir T1d controller

    I get mine tomorrow. Along with 4 batteries and Sunday I'll get the 4 battery charging hub that you see all over the place on Amazon. We will see how this works I'm hoping it works out well.
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    Now in stock at DJI

    I just ordered mine today 4/18. 4 batteries and the Gamesir T1d. I'm hoping the T1d works as expected. I know there is another controller the nimbus which is a bit more expensive and I think you can use it for playing games on your phone. I'm not sure if the T1d will have that ability. In...
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    Gamesir Controller - Work or not work?

    sorry which one is this one specifically?
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    Gamesir Controller - Work or not work?

    The T-1 that I'm looking to return definitely doesn't work with IOS. Although that is supposed to support it. The T1s that I just ordered (should have cancelled) is probably a waste at this point. Perhaps maybe hold onto it till we figure out what the heck is going on.
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    Gamesir Controller - Work or not work?

    How about Android? Did you get the T1s yet? I think the T1s is MFI. The T1 isn't MFI but in the manual if you download their gaming app (can't remember what it's called), you can enable MFI??? At least that's what the manual is saying....
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    Controller - compatible controllers

    I'm not sure if it's me you're talking about but definitely the T1 DOESN'T WORK. I'm debating on returning it and was about to place an order for the T1s thinking it is probably that issue but looking at the reviews for the Tello on Amazon, everyone is now commenting that the T1s doesn't work...
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    Gamesir Controller - Work or not work?

    Yup my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, Gamevice can cost as much as the freaking drone. If you have multiple devices Android/IOS, you have to buy like multiple gamevices. ARGGGHHH!!!