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Am I missing something?


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Aug 22, 2018
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I bought a Tello two days ago and have not been able to do anything at all with it. I am a 70 year old idiot, so please be kind with me.

I installed the Tello app on three devices: Sony Experia M5, Asus Tablet, and Huawei G-750. I have tried to get the Tello started on all three devices with same results:

1. Manage to fully charge it, solid blue lamp
2. I switch the Tello on, and eventually get a flashing yellow
3. Open wifi settings on devices above (not all at the same time obviously!), tap on Tello-xxxxx
4. Get a connected message.
5. So far so good.
6. Go to device main screen, and tap on Tello app icon.
7. Sends me back to wifi settings, app doesn't open.
8. Still flashing yellow, still connected to Tello.
9. Stuck.
10. Try again several times
11. Still stuck.
12. Pissed off

So am I missing something obvious? I chatted online to support, who told me that none of my devices are compatible. I pointed out to her that I had paid €109 for a product where the was zero mention of compatibility on the outer package - nor even in the user guide inside the packaging. She was very charming and thanked me for raising an issue that had merit. Merit?? Is that it? A manufacturer puts into the parket a product that is incompatible with the vast majority of its intended users, and doesn't even put this information on his retail packaging? "Thank you so much for raising this issue, which has merit.....?"

Or am I missing something obvious? In which case I should eat humble pie for my rant.......
I think try it this way:
Make sure your wifi is switched on, on your device.
Switch on Tello.
Open up Tello app.
When the blue icon asks to "connect to Tello" press it.
It will then take you to your wifi screen of availabile devices. Click on the Tello device.
Your device should then say it is connected to the Tello.
Go back into the Tello app, it should be then all good to go.
Ps. make sure that you gave the app all the permissions it asked for when you installed it the first time. You can also delete the app, and try a fresh install.
Hope you come right, it is actually a very easy process.
I also see your problem. Do everything from the app, as i have described above. Your problem is in your no. 6.

Sir Clinton - you are a scholar and a gentleman!

In fact though it wasn't in my no 6. It was in no 3. Rather than connect to Tello-xxxxx on the wifi page, I went directly to the app: it took through a number of validation setup thingies, connected - and then took off like an angry horde of hornets, and crashed straight into a picture on the living room wall! ROFL!

Thank you, sir.....
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Haha, you are very welcome sir :) Glad you got it going. I have flown from 700 class helicopters, racing quads in fpv and the Mavic Pro with the DJI goggles. The Tello is the most fun so far for me, because i dont have to get in my car to go somewhere to fly, i just sit outside my house on the steps, and take off with a moments notice. Enjoy :) Just wish i could connect this little gem with my DJI goggles.

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