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"Best" Budget android unlocked Phone for Tello?


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Oct 20, 2018
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Toronto, Canada
Bought the Tello as my first Drone recently and credit to the forum for all of the great info and Ryze/DJI for making it so user friendly and nicely intuitive for beginners. I have an LG G6 w/8.0.0 android and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 w/4.4.2 android . Both work equally great as far as controls go, no repeater and indoors close range. The only difference being the video recording quality. Bad frame jumping on the Samsung and really nice video with the LG. Is this because of the different android versions?
I do have an Gamesir T1s controller and as nice as it is to fly with it the video quality is bad on both devices, I don't like it and choose to fly with my LG for now without the T1s (I did order a cable to try and fix this issue). I know this is due to the wifi/ bluetooth interference between the two devices but it just sucks.

I'd rather not use my LG as my go to Tello phone . So any recommendations for a budget android phone that can handle this drones awesome capabilities?

You can look at the Xiaomi budget phones. They are rather good.
You can look at the Xiaomi budget phones. They are rather good.
Thanks, the Xiaomi's look nice but still a little too much $$$ for my needs. I bought a SKY Pro 3 today from Staples for $89 plus tax.

I just want a device specifically for the Tello and/or any future drones. Overall the phone seems pretty good keeping in mind the price. The only app I installed was the Tello app and it downloaded no problem. Flight controls were average and were fine to see on the 5 inch display. Video recording playback was not so good but I don't think it's the phone as I have the same problem with my Samsung?? I'm not keeping though because I found a better ASUS Zenfone on sale at Walmart for a few bucks more. However if anyone needs a cheap android phone I dont think you can go wrong with this one.
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