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Castle ruin Minneburg (Germany)

Amazing shots. There are no buildings like those where I live. The oldest buildings are 500 years old and are national parks, so I'm not allowed to even fly a toy drone in them... Keep up the good work and keep sending us these great shots!!!
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Thanks Ansia for the comment.(y)
I hope to visit another Castle ruine the next days so i can add a new Video soon.
It makes a lot of fun to fly with the tello and capture photos/Videos.
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i made a recut of the Video.
In this case i used only material (photos and videos) recorded by the Tello
The video editing was done directly at the Smartphone. APP: Adobe Clip
With this video i would like to Show you that you can produce a nice video-clip without using a Desktop-PC or Laptop. Just use your Smartphone and the Tello :).

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I use Cyberlink Power Director. I have a subscription for the desktop and it includesthe mobile.

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